Friday, May 4, 2012

Whole Wheat Mexican Pasta Salad!

Hey, remember me? I'm back and itching to cook something for you because I've missed seeing you all these last couple weeks! To celebrate Cinco de Mayo (albeit a day or so late), and to embrace this ridiculously warm (hot!) weather, I'm thinking that a cold pasta salad with Mexican flavors is just the ticket for this weather.

To make it healthy, I will start with whole wheat rotini pasta, add some black beans (and voila! there's that complete protein right there!), and a whole lot of fresh vegetables. I don't know exactly what vegetables yet because I want to see what looks good at the market, but I know there will be avocado, tomato, and roasted corn. And I think perhaps just a smidgen of fresh mango for a hit of sweet-tartness. The dressing will be a slightly spicy lime and cumin accented vinaigrette and will perfectly complement the pasta and vegetables. I can stop there for vegans, but if anyone wants, I will add chunks of pepperjack cheese for some extra flavor. Of course, this salad can be a meal in itself, but also a fine side to any grilled meat!

How about some cookies for dessert? Mexican orange sugar cookies, fragrant with a touch of anise and cinnamon sound perfect!


Pasta salad:   1 quart/$8         2 quarts/$15         3 quarts/$21        4 quarts/$28

Cookies: Half dozen/$3

Please let me know by 10am Sunday (May 6) if you'd like to order! Deliveries/pickups will be on Monday (or otherwise arranged). Email me at or!

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