Friday, May 18, 2012

Wheat Berry Chick Pea Salad/Banana Nut Muffins

Happy Friday everybody!

It seems the warm weather is here to stay so I am sticking with another grain salad this week (even though I keep thinking about soup...). Because I recently came into possession of some wheat berries (thanks, Phoebe!), I am itching to turn them into a delicious, filling salad for you! To match the whole grain of the berries, there will be nice, plump chick peas making that lovely combo of a perfect protein. Then I will pile on the vegetables, including fresh spinach (and maybe some swiss chard if it looks good!), chopped carrots, sweet-tart crisp apple, and a touch of onion. I don't think that's quite enough, so I'm going to throw in some dried cranberries and bit of feta cheese. Heck, maybe even a handful or two of arugula! I will dress the salad with a simple but flavorful vinaigrette.

OK, read all those ingredients again - it's a veritable healthy food pyramid full of vitamins, fiber, and protein! A meal in itself, or a fantastic side to some grilled chicken or fish!

And for a healthy sweet dessert or snack, how about banana nut muffins with an oatmeal streusel topping? With omega-3 rich walnuts and a touch of whole wheat flour, these are good and good for you!

I will be cooking on Sunday and items will be ready for delivery (between 11:30-1p) or pickup (Monday afternoon/evening). When ordering, let me know what will work best for you! Deadline for ordering will be Saturday (5/19) at midnight!


1 quart/$8        2 quarts/$15         3 quarts/$21         4 quarts/$28


4/$4 (minimum of 4, please/no maximum!)

Remember, I can take cash, checks, run your credit card on my nifty Square reader, or you can Paypal me!

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