Saturday, March 31, 2012

Red Bulgur and Fava Bean Salad

This is crazy warm weather for this time of year, but we may as well embrace it. Everyone is planting flowers and vegetables and getting ready for the season of just being outside. I also have it on good authority that it is safe to put plants in the ground even though there is still a chance for frost. A horticulture professor says that since it's been so warm and the soil is warmed up too, nothing but a multi-day frost (which is so very NOT likely) could hurt planted vegetation. Anyway, I'm craving lighter, fresher food and I hope you are too.

For the first warm weather offering from Tiny Montgomery Kitchen, I have gathered up some Middle Eastern-ish ingredients to make a healthy, filling, fiber- and protein-rich salad; sort of a tabbouleh, but different. This salad can easily serve as a main dish, with the whole grain and beans making a complete protein, but it can also be a nice side dish with a grilled protein. You could also serve it over a mound of spinach or spring greens.

I will start with red bulgur wheat and split fava beans, then add cucumber, a touch of sweet onion, tomatoes (if I can't find good grape or cherry tomatoes, I will use sun-dried), kalamata olives, feta cheese, and parsley for a lovely green brightness. The dressing is a lemony, garlicky vinaigrette made with olive oil, lemon juice, and a bit of white wine vinegar, plus fragrant blend of herbs and spices. To keep it vegan, I can leave out the feta; just let me know when ordering!

To continue the theme, I think whole wheat small pitas, with added milled flaxseed, are just the ticket.

Because my work schedule limits my cooking and delivery time, this week I must put a quick turnaround on letting me know if you are ordering. (In the future I hope to be able to announce and take orders earlier in the week!) Please let me know by 10am tomorrow (Sunday) so I can get everything made and ready for delivery/pickup by Sunday evening/Monday. Oh, and Happy Spring!

Bulgur salad:      1 quart/$8         2 quarts/$15        3 quarts/$22       4 quarts/$28

Pita (4):     $3


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