Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yo, I rearrange your wholesome change/Complicate your vision and make the world look strange - Chicken pesto pasta and fudge

After waiting it out for a couple days it was finally time for pesto and pasta today. I got a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store the other day so I cut up the white meat from one breast and threw it in a bowl. When the pasta was cooked (thank you once again Pasta Boat!), I drained it and then dumped it into the bowl to heat up the chicken and then added a big ass glob of my pesto and mixed it all around. I loooooooove the smell of pesto hitting hot pasta - the garlic and basil just become so aromatic. The Boy declared, "I could eat pesto every day!"
 I got a chocolate craving today and I needed to stop myself from eating a whole can of sweetened condensed milk. I had also caught a glimpse of a spare bag of chocolate chips so...fudge! And since I had some almonds around, I chopped a handful up to add to the fudge. Then I took some moody photos of it.


Steve Pick said...

Actually, I said I could eat this all day, but it could be extended to every day.

Cat Pick said...

Well, "all day" doesn't really make any sense. :p