Friday, April 18, 2008

No time to look for relevant lyrics -- I managed to make things today!

Since I only seem to be able to make new things with the promise/hope of dirty lucre, Subterranean Books' request for some new cards lit a fire under my lazy, uninspired ass. Finally.

When I found the photos of myself, I also came across a little stash of vintage pictures we had scored at an estate sale last year. I decided to scan them, then print them out on transparency sheets. Perhaps because we need to replace our black ink cartridge, the photos came out a sort of eerie dark purple. I attached them to the cardstock with some teeny brown brads I bought months and months ago with no idea what to do with them.

While I was card making, I also found a number of my sock monkey photos. So, the dirty sock monkey cards have been resurrected. "Back Door Bear" is still my favorite...

All the cards:

A couple of close ups of the vintage transparencies cards:

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