Friday, April 18, 2008

All through the day/i me mine/i me mine/i me mine

I was pulling out some art materials today and came across some photos I had been meaning to scan and post. Yes, they're all me me me. About when I was born, my dad took up photography, setting up a darkroom and all that jazz. Thus, there are lots of photos of me when I was a tot. So these first two were taken by my dad. The rest, of course, are school photos.

I think this one is from 2nd grade. If only I could get my hair that color again...

Fourth grade, I believe. Check out the lesbian-chic hair and shirt!

Fifth grade, I suppose, sporting my version of the Dorothy Hamill hairdo.

I think this one is my eighth grade photo. While there was some nice accessorizing in the previous shot, I was coming into my own as a fashionista in eighth grade. I was voted Best Dressed in my class. Note the turquoise ring used as a scarf holder. And I wish I still had that scarf. The colors were gorgeous and it had a print of flapper girls and those wavy cloud-like graphics all over it.


Allison said...

It's so fun to see old photos of people who you've only ever known as an adult.
I had strawberry blonde hair until I was 3, then it was stick straight. I might bogart your post idea.
See you tonight!

Cat Pick said...

Please post your pics too! I will not take offense, I promise.

And, yay, you're coming tonight! Obviously we won't be able to be outside, but still, it should be fun.

dana said...

Dude, you have started a trend, because I may totally do the same and post my old school photos. (Yeah right....I still haven't even posted about SXSW.) Those photos are so cute!!!

Cat Pick said...

Everyone should post their kid photos!