Thursday, December 20, 2007

When you're near me I have difficulty concentrating

Well, the review went pretty well. It lasted, however, for almost three hours. My boss and I, when we have the opportunity, tend to talk. A lot. I feel pretty good about my place and confident that, even if I'm not always the most people-oriented person, I do a damn good job. It was important to me to know I was doing well. I'm kind of an overachiever that way. So, since I got home so much later than I thought I would, it was Papa John's pan pizza for us. The last two times we've had PJ's pizza, it was good. Really good.

Tonight I have spent too much time online stalking a customer I'm kind of obsessed with -- for no real reason (ok, well, he is pretty cute). At any rate, today I asked him what he plays and where he plays it. He's with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra but I'll keep the identity of his instrument confidential, just in case. All further info is from my online, er, research. He has been playing since he was three. Three! And his current instrument is nearly three hundred years old. How cool is that? Anyway, I've been around rock musicians for over half my life, but I've never known a classical musician. Kind of fascinating.

Now I have to put down my computer (I had to give her up to Roy for over 24 hours for some tweaking and I missed her sorely), get to the kitchen and figure out what I'm doing with some chicken quarters. I guess I'll bake them with garlic and other spices or something. There will be broccoli and maybe a sort of risotto. However, I don't know if I have the wherewithall for risotto as I have some killer cramps right about now. Update: I'm baking the chicken withbrown rice, mushrooms, shallots and broth. Hopefully it'll work out into something that tastesgood and doesn't take a gazillion minutes to cook. Oh, and the cramps are abating.

Speaking of Roy, I wish I had a picture of him sitting on our couch with his legs crossed (guy-style -- can't think of what else to call it), with Foxy Brown's eyes and snout peaking through the open triangle of leg that results from that position. She stared intently at him and he just stared back. I laughed and laughed.


dana said...

My neighbor across the street plays for the symphony. Maybe he can do some reconnaisance for you! Except for the fact that (1) he's like, 60 (2) I've only talked to him maybe twice and (3) I never remember his name. Oh well. He is very nice though and offered me free or cheap symphony tickets whenever I want them. That....Mr.....Whatshisname!

Cat Pick said...

Dude! Get us a pair of free (or cheap) tickets and you can stalk with me! I freaked out my co-workers this morning with my confession of online stalking. Like they don't do it -- they just don't tell anyone they do it. :)

dana said...

Okay. Well first I need to remember this guy's name so I can ask him for tickets. I think I scribbled the names of my neighbors on scraps of paper that are in one kitchen junk drawer or another.....I will look for it!