Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You said something

Where has this week gone? It's already Thursday, fer crissakes. I've attempted to make an entry every other day this week, to no avail. Nothing to say, not enough time, yadda yadda yadda.

Yesterday was rather more action-packed than my days off from work have been of late. I ran to the craft store to buy lots of sale yarn first, then to buy gas at the northside gas station that has consistently cheap prices (though I was kind of thwarted on that front yesterday), then downtown to have lunch with my former co-worker Erica. I stopped in at the old homestead and said hi to a couple of other folks and am glad to say I didn't get one iota of longing to be back in an office (no matter how crazy my current work life has been). It was great to see Erica, however briefly. Note to self: make more time to see friends! After lunch I headed to the Smiley Urgent Care Center to FINALLY get my legally-required hepatitus A vaccine. And damn if that vaccine didn't use the fattest needle I've ever seen. Ouch. The nurse shamed me by chiding, "I haven't even done anything yet!" because of my tensed arm. I think she was trying to psych me out though, because I'm certain the needle was already in. Anyway, she had to hold her finger over the injection site for a minute to staunch the blood and to "get the vaccine to stay in". What????? I don't think she was lying -- I could actually feel the shit traveling down my arm. And that wasn't a good thing. It felt like a slow ache flowing down to my fingers. My left arm has had just about enough of injections, what with the tetanus shot a couple weeks ago. Sheesh. After the shot I wanted to take a look at my [anxiously awaited] new store location in the Central West End. The door was open and the guys were working away with Soundgarden blaring. The basic construction was done; they were painting and doing other finishing work though there's still a lot of clean up and things to complete. The front counter and back cabinetry was complete and the tiles were down, mostly. Funny how it looks smaller with actual stuff in the space. : )

To celebrate my great sales of the weekend, Steve and I went to Tucker's Place on Tuesday night. When we were more flush with discretionary income, we dined at Tucker's almost once a week. I had been missing it terribly lately, so it was the perfect place to go. So maybe I don't have a lot (or hell, any) experience at the expensive steakhouses in town, but I know a delicious steak and I can't imagine any better tasting sirloin than what you consistently get at Tucker's. And even though they claim to not do anything special to their baked potatoes, they are the sweetest, creamiest backed spuds I've ever tasted. Of course we go to the original Soulard location. Tuesday nights dinner was no exception. Everything was perfectly delicious even though I wavered and chose a pinot grigio instead of my usual merlot and Steve ordered a Smithwick's because Tucker's had replaced his beloved Bass on tap (he was not disappointed, by the way).

Counting today, I have eight more work days left at my temporary location. Or maybe less. I could take a little smaller paycheck for a day off during the week next week. Otherwise I'll be working seven days straight and that isn't my top choice. But whatever. I'm sure I'll miss aspects of the store and some of the people so I may as well get my fill, right?

Now I need to do something useful and work on some new scarves for my next crafty outing, which is putting a bunch of stuff on consigment at the Sheldon Galleries boutique. I feel a bit of pressure about this one...

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