Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Notwithstanding the sunburn on my back and my current utter exhaustion, what a happily successful day it was in O'Fallon, IL at the Strange Folk Festival. I sold a ton of stuff, a ton! At times it seemed liked people were throwing money at me. Woo hoo!

After a rather unsuccessful May in which my two Olde Crafte Boothe forays resulted in very little proceeds, I was kind of nervous about putting my stuff out there again. I don't suppose I'm unique in thinking of everything I make (well, maybe not everything) as my little children. I know I've witnessed other crafters saying goodbye to their products as they walk away in the arms of someone else. Anyway, I was worried, but damn, I didn't need to be. It was a relief and kind of gratifying to know I'm still making stuff people want.

It was a great event, overall. The hard working Autumn organized everything perfectly -- set up was completely painless and except for the absolutely horrid jam-type band that played waaaaaay too long, it was smooth running and effortless on the part of the vendors.

Eventually I will have pictures to post that Dana took, but for now, this is it!

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