Saturday, September 1, 2007

Blue Plate Special

I got a little burned out on making jewelry after my mad frenzy to make a zillion clay pieces in time for Gypsy Caravan and the opening day Tower Grove Farmer's Market. Sadly and frustratingly, I sold next to none of them. (Their biggest fan was my most supportive and encouraging friend, Dana. I hope she knows just how much I appreciate her ongoing cheerleading.) I still love all the pieces and hope they get their breakthrough at Strange Folk in September and then [hopefully] at December's Rock 'n' Roll Craft Show. Anyhoo, I haven't had a desire to make jewelry in several months, except for a couple of fitful starts and failed attempts. Actually, all I've wanted to do is crochet. So when I saw a book about crocheting jewelry, it seemed like a natural progression. Most of the projects in the book are too frou-frou for me, but the simplest project is a winner (boy, my famous last words!), tweaked slightly from the book's instructions. Basically the necklaces are made of multiple crocheted chains of wire with gemstone chips and/or beads worked in. I think they're lovely.

You can't get a great look at them here (click on the picture to get a really nice close-up view), but they are delicate and bold at the same time, I think. I'm going to do more more more with bigger beads and chips and maybe try some with a more center-pendant structure.

They are sitting on my latest cast cement plate, made from an elephant ear leaf. I think it's perfect and my favorite so far. Now I have to find a way to poach a bunch of these leaves from somewhere. Anyone have the scoop on some wayward elephant ear plants that won't miss five or six leaves? I got this one from a parkway nearby, but I'm afraid nosy neighbors might stop me the next time. There are a few plants in Tower Grove Park but I'm not sure if it's illegal or not to take a leaf or two. Is it?

I'm not sure why the plate, our front steps and the general atmosphere looks so blue in the photo, but I like it. It's lovely and cool outside, particularly on the front porch and if I had to pick a color for what it feels like, it would be just that shade.

The big question for the day is: After a day at work, will I feel like socializing at a BBQ with a bunch of people I haven't seen in a long while? I love the host and miss him very much, but I will be solo and it's not always easy for me to approach an ongoing party alone. We'll see what happens!

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