Monday, February 25, 2013

White Chicken Chili/White Not-Chicken Chili

Who wants chili? We seem to have another week of less than lovely weather coming up with cold temperatures and possibilities of snow. I think that forecast calls for chili and this week I'm going to try something new with some of the familiar flavors of regular chili with a bit of a different, brothier spin.

This week it's White Chicken Chili made with rich, homemade chicken broth, plump, white, great northern beans, different types of green chiles, herbs and spices, and lots of chicken. This is going to be really good, I just know it!

For the vegetarians, I will make a version of the white chili using a veg "chicken" product and vegetable broth; it shall be equally delicious!

I think that small round loaves of bread made of white, whole wheat, and cornmeal are the perfect accompaniment for $3 each!
Soup is priced as follows:
1 quart/$8   2 quarts/$15   3 quarts/$22     4 quarts/$28
To order, please email me at or I will take orders until Wednesday evening, with deliveries/pickups starting Friday and continuing Saturday (if it's available earlier than Friday, I will let customers know!) Delivery is available to City residents and the inner ring suburbs (no further than 170 to the west). 

I can't wait to make this chili!

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