Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy birthday to you, I went to the zoo, I saw a fat monkey and I knew it was you

I've been negligent in posting, so let's call this a wrap of the days surrounding my birthday. Well, the days before my birthday anyway.

Sunday dinner was pork sirloin chops, baked delicata squash, and sauteed spinach. The chops were sprinkled with a spice mix and cooked on the Foreman grill and I baked the squash with butter, a teeny bit of brown sugar, salt, and pepper. I love when winter squash time rolls around.
Meatless Monday rolled around and I didn't have any ideas for what I wanted to make for dinner. I contemplated aloo gobi, but just didn't feel inspired to go through all the rigamarole required. Then I decided on egg salad, cauliflower, and since I had already been soaking basmati rice in case I made Indian food, a rice pilaf. Yes, it was somewhat monochromatic, but it tasted good.

Is it odd that I was perfectly fine with cooking my own birthday dinner? And not just fine, but preferred, and I wanted steak. I cooked these sirloins in a hot, buttered iron skillet. With the leftover butter and spices in the pan after the steaks were removed, I added the cooked carrots (boiled with plenty of salt and stevia to flavor them) and rolled them around in the butter, collecting the spices that had fallen off the steak. Two russet potatoes sliced into thin slices became crispy baked fries. Simple and just what I wanted.
And then, cake. I love the standard bakery birthday cake recipe. There really is nothing like that absurdly sweet icing.
Apollo likes it too!


Holly said...

Awww, kitty Cat you had a nice birthday! I'm so glad you had a good time. Apollo has good taste, I love sweet icing too. Oh and that steak looks FANTASTIC!

Cat Pick said...

When I finally get around to it (tonight, I hope) I will have an entry with all my photos of Elephant Rocks and the antique mall. It *was* a good day!

And man, that steak was REALLY good!