Sunday, April 19, 2009

I took a hammer to every memento/but image on image like beads on a rosary/pulled through my head as the music takes hold

Apparently screwing around on Facebook, online and in real life has superseded my blogging time. Well, let's get the meat and potatoes stuff out of the way first and then on to a little musing.

Last week was not a stellar cooking week, really. I don't actually remember what I made during the week, though I do remember a couple nights of takeaway (thank you very much Tin Can Tavern and Lemongrass). At some point in the recent past I made a chicken coconut curry and coconut rice.

Peas, carrots, green onions and chicken went into a gingery, coconut milk sauce and it was good, though miles behind the previous tofu coconut curry. Not quite sure why. Maybe the chicken flavor dulled the brilliance of the coconut milk that the tofu just absorbed and highlighted. Lesson learned.

I get a daily email from and they occasionally inspire me to either follow a recipe exactly (well, exact as I ever get) or at least use one as a starting point. Last week some time Scottish Oatmeal Scones popped up and I knew I had to make them. Sadly, I had neither currants (which the recipe called for) or raisins, so I substituted walnuts. They were really good - dense and heavy and not too sweet.

Today, Tuscan sausage soup was delivered to my inbox and that sounded irresistible on this endlessly rainy day. Sweet Italian sausage, potatoes, spinach and beans resulted in a hearty, really hearty bowl of soup. Alongside we had English cucumber with feta cheese, a drizzle of olive oil and a splash of rice vinegar.

Approaching Easter, the store where I work started stocking lots of Easter-type flowers: various huge lilies, tulips, hyacinths, peace lilies, anthuriums. Lots of very prominent pollen, particularly as the blooms started to wilt. For an entire week I had a seriously sore throat, swollen and scratchy and achy. It wasn't until the day I found myself covered in pollen that I realized I didn't have a cold; I was simply having an allergic reaction to all that pollen.

If only lily pollen was like the saffron-producing crocus pollen. Alas, it is not. Dosages of Claritin and Benedryl finally got rid of the sore throat and I was not sad when all the lilies, et al, were tossed into the trash.

This is perhaps the most boring blog post. I have more to say, but I got up really early today for my show and I am sleepy. More tomorrow...


Allison said...

Gah! You didn't tell me they were in the trash! Are they still there? I will dig through a bin for lilies!

Cat Pick said...

I'm sorry, I should have told you. It was on Easter and the day after. Dozens of stargazers and those big white Easter lilies. And hundreds of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. It's the nature of the beast, I'm afraid. It was hard for me at first, but now it's like, sorry old bean but it's my job.

Allison said...

Do not tell me any more; I've heard enough :(
There's a bulb dig at the Jewel Box May 2 that I am going to. Apparently, they dig the bulbs up each year and give them away.

Cat Pick said...

If you're in the [free] market for plastic planter bowls you could find over a dozen in a certain dumpster tonight.

Oh, and all seeds are 2 for 1 this week.