Thursday, August 9, 2007

Summertime and the livin' is queasy

There is nothing romantic, picaresque or pleasant about the heatwave we're currently living through. If you could call this living. Basically we just count the minutes until it's late enough to retire to the one air conditioned room in our house, the bedroom. The animals lay sprawled on the floor all day long, listless and exhausted. Even little hairless Harry is affected. We can feel his hot, exposed skin sweating. Foxy Brown is miserable, panting and planting herself in front of a fan all day long. The cats barely move before dark. Seriously, when's this gonna end? To make things even more unpleasant, our computer conked out this week and then once it was fixed we no longer had internet access. Thus, this dispatch is coming from the air conditioned comfort of the Carpenter branch of the St. Louis Public Library.

Speaking of the STLPL, I was at the Central location last weekend, having a pile of crocheting books fetched from the mysterious Stacks. Well, mysterious to me anyway. I had envisioned them to be all underground, but the ladies at the front desk disabused me of this notion; there are seven floors of books back behind that massive information desk. Seven floors! And do you know what? The actual floors are made of transparent glass! Glass, I tell you! How has there not been a thriller filmed in a library with glass floors???? Or has there been? Anyway, I was sad to hear that the wonderous glass floors from 1912 will be replaced in a near future renovation. In the meantime, I'm going to schedule myself a tour of the stacks in all their current glory. Glass floors! Guess the lady librarians can't wear skirts! Wonder what they did in the miniskirted '60s?

And I'm sure everyone (ha!) is dying to know about my work life. Still a roller coaster. This week I've had a REALLY TERRIBLE day, two great days and one fairly annoying day. Let's hope it calms down. I did find out my real store has an opening date, October 3, so I do have an end in sight to my temporary assignment. Thank goodness. There are some great people there, but I need to get to where I really belong. Tonight I work my eighth day in a row and I am burned out. I need a break. Tomorrow night we DJ at the Royale (yay) and I hope to get out of working Saturday and blend my Friday and Sunday off into a three day weekend. Wish me luck.

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Allison said...

The only thing good about the heat is that the wall o'tomatoes like it.
I still can't believe they're getting rid of the glass floors!
Heh...the word "hot" is in the middle of the word verification word for comment. Blogger IS sentient!