Thursday, February 23, 2012

Turkey Noodle Soup! LImited Supply!

I only intended to make soup for the Boy and myself, but apparently I've forgotten how to make "normal" amounts so I ended up with a rather large pot full of this lovely turkey noodle soup. It's full of roasted turkey, carrots, onions, celery, a few mushrooms (I had 'em, so I threw them in!), and egg noodles. The rich broth is homemade (of course!) from the turkey bones and has a hint of garlic and black pepper to round it out. It's getting colder this week and you know noodle soup is awfully comforting.

If you want your own quart of turkey noodle, I have limited quantities available. Let me know ASAP if you'd like some! Delivery/pickup starting immediately!

Soup is priced as follows: 

1 quart/$8     2 quarts/$15      3 quarts/$22     4 quarts/$28

Contact me to order: or You can also message me on Facebook.

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