Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'll take you home/Get you on your own/Sweetness, don't be bashful

It is the eve of our 12th wedding anniversary (though I just realized I was proclaiming it our 13th at work today - d'oh). It seems at once more and fewer years. I suppose because I've known Steve for 26 years it seems longer and then because it's been [mostly] such a happy time it seems shorter. We've had a lot of adventures together and I fully expect to keep having them with Steve until the day I'm no longer alive. As cliche as it may be, he's my soulmate and I love him more every single day.

I doubt we'll be celebrating much tomorrow. It's been a hell of a week: I'm exhausted from work and have a nasty chest cold, our schedules have not coincided very well all week, and, most importantly, Steve's youngest brother is very, very ill and needs and deserves most of Steve's attention. I'm not particularly sentimental about dates and such, so we'll celebrate when we can.

I got payment today from the Sheldon for items I've sold in their boutique. Contrary to my last entry in which I stated I might be inspired by said check, I was not. In fact, I didn't even remember the idea until I reread the entry. *shrugs* So, clearly, no inspiration. Someday.

My regular online forum has taken a strange turn. Not only did an epidemic of high school-ish behaviors erupt (people renamed themselves things like "Jill, Property of Jack" and "Jill, Jack's Sex Toy"; girls complained of cyber man troubles; and complaints were made that "all you bitches" were talking behind someone's back), but this odd young fellow who styles himself as a millionaire and an administrator of the room started threatening to report the room activity to Interpol. (Why Interpol would care about some random sex chat I can't imagine.) Not only that, he and another regular (she of the "all you bitches" comment) consummated their love/hate relationship with some rather shocking public cybering, involving a gun and knives. Hopefully these behaviors will run their course very soon.

I will simply add that I hate winter and it can't be over soon enough. Word is we have three more weeks of miserable weather ahead of us, no to mention the ice that is on everything now. Ugh.

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Allison said...

Sorry about the chest cold, if it was my fault. It'll go away in like 2 weeks!
I'm planning the garden. You want a tomato plant?