Saturday, July 21, 2007

Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

It's Saturday, my second day off in a row (yay) and I'm happy being rather lazy. Just had a nap, and finished up the laundry. Once I get done here, it's some painting and then reading reading reading.

The other day I got an adorable message from NaNa, a Japanese band, to my Myspace page. Unlike most (e.g. 99%) of the slacker bands that contact me through Myspace, this duo actually bothered to 1) write me a real, personal message and 2) actually listen to the streaming audio of the latest edition of my show, Emotional Rescue. Imagine that!? They offered to send me a CD and I, of course, took them up on it. I liked the snippets I listened to online and I'll give most anything a play at least once. Subsequent messages were equally adorable with their slightly ajar English (and I'm not criticizing -- I don't know a speck of Japanese!) and I looked forward to getting the package. Well, those kids must have run right out and posted that package because I got it today.
The contents:

Note the completely cute addition of a KitKat bar. (Note to bands: Sending DJs pressies along with your CD can only do you good.) Now note the very interesting flavor of said bar:

Yep, it appears to be a cantaloupe melon-like flavor. Mixed with chocolate, one assumes. I'll report back when I open it up.

I've only managed to paint four of the cement leaves and I'm still not entirely happy with the canna. Gotta go back and make it...darker, maybe. Dunno.

Here's the brown-eyed susan leaf:

The morning glory:

And the hosta, next to its natural brethren:

And after some painting, this is what I'll be spending the rest of my day and night with:

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Allison said...

Are the colors in the photo true? I like them, but want to view in person.
Japanese candy is awesome. Get them to send you some peach flavored gum!
Melon KitKat?! Blasphemy!